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If a player or coach is sent off, the referee shall deliver the player card (if applicable) and a completed Ejection Report or Send Off Report (Referee’s Send Off Report) within 24 hours to the proper authority as follows:

Intra-club games – Club Referee Assignor or Coordinator
Inter-club games – League Referee Coordinator (League PAD Committee)
Competitive Playing League games – Per Playing league procedures


The following pertains to our recreational playing league:

When a player receives a red, that player is forbidden from playing in a game until their card is returned.  When a coach is ejected from a game or receives a red card, that coach is forbidden from attending a game until their coaching pass is returned.

While their suspension is being processed, the player or coach should obtain and fill out the top of a Verification of Suspension form (Verification of Suspension).  They should give this form to their coach (or another coach in the case of an ejected coach) who will make sure the center referee at every game they miss fills out the form to confirm their non-playing (or non-attendance for a coach) at the game.

A player or coach serving a term of suspension for disciplinary reasons will serve that suspension in the next regularly scheduled competition, i.e. league, cup or tournament.  This does not include friendly games or scrimmages.  Any disciplinary action will carry over from seasonal year to seasonal year.

When a player or coach is sent off in a game outside his/her home league or district jurisdiction, the player or coach pass and referee report shall be forwarded within 48 hours to their home league or District Commissioner as appropriate.

When the correct number of games have been signed off, contact the League Administrative Assistant (soccer@srysl.org) to arrange to drop off the signed Verification of Suspension form and pick up the player or coach pass.