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Soccer has been organized under the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League for decades.  The Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League is divided into three clubs for administrative purposes.  There are two geographically defined clubs, Empire Soccer Club www.empiresoccerclub.net  (Rincon Valley and NW Oaks have joined together to form Empire) and Santa Rosa South Soccer Club  www.srssoccer.org (Annadel, SR Central and Laguna have joined together to form Santa Rosa South).  Both Clubs have recreational and competitive programs.  The functional Santa Rosa United Club www.srunited.com administers the Premier competitive programs, and draws on players from all of SRYSL and the surrounding area. In the two geographic clubs, families can register where they choose, but most families prefer to have their children participate with children from their neighborhood and/or their schools.  The geographical boundaries of the League shall coincide with the combined boundaries of the area from which all high schools under the jurisdiction of the Santa Rosa School District draw their student population. For clarification regarding which club falls within your geographic area for registration purposes, please click on the link below to view the SRYSL geographic boundary map:   SRYSL map

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To all Empire and Santa Rosa South Recreational Soccer Families,

First, we want to offer our support to all of our families, and express our sadness for those who have lost homes and family members.  This has been a very difficult time for our whole Community, and we are committed to helping in any way we can.

Our Boards have jointly decided to end the recreational soccer season effective Monday, October 16th.  It will not be possible to even consider continuing play for another week or more, and as November approaches, we run out of time to continue the season properly.  Additionally, there are entire teams that have lost their homes, and this is too much for anyone to try and fix in a short time.

Empire and SRS are, however, planning an end of the year Jamboree, and will release more details soon. This event will be designed to let the kids play some more soccer, have some fun (with a bouncy house, face painting, whatever we can bring in), and end the season on a high note.

Further, there will be no placings or trophies this year.  This will be too problematic to try and accomplish, and would not be fair to many of the teams that may have half of their families now out of the area.  Instead, we are planning a commemorative medal to be given to every single player in Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League (this includes Comp and Rec from Empire, SRS and United).  This commemorative medal will be a symbol of the strength and spirit of our Community, and the way so many have come together to help one another during these most trying times.

This was not an easy decision, and we appreciate the support of the whole Santa Rosa Community.


Mark Marcarian

President, Empire Soccer Club


Tracy Goodman

President, Santa Rosa South Soccer Club